The major part of the Master consists of the individual research project.
You are free to choose any topic that lies within the field of (clinical) affective neuroscience or bears a clear relationship with anxiety or mood disorders.

At your second Summer Course you will give an oral presentation on the (preliminary) results of your study, and once the analysis is complete you are expected to write a research paper for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

At home or abroad
You are encouraged to conduct your research in your own daily work environment, if the conditions for a successful completion of the study are present. Alternatively, students may choose for an internship at one of the directors’ laboratories. This has the advantages of participating in an experienced research team, and working on a delineated piece of work that can be completed within the three to four months of your stay and has a good chance of being accepted for publication.

At the first summer course we organize a workshop to help you set up your project and determine whether it is feasible. During this meeting you discuss your research ideas with one or more of our directors, and write up a first draft of your protocol. By the end of the course you will be assigned to a supervisor, and can go home to work on the protocol.
Once you have finished your outline your supervisor will give you the approval to start your project. In the Autumn the Executive Office organizes an e-workshop to help you finalize your outline and start your project in time.
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