Residential Courses

The residential part of the curriculum consists of two Summer Courses and the Seminars that are usually held in winter. For all three courses the main teaching method is Problem Based Learning (PBL).

Problem Based Learning
Problem Based Learning is a teaching format that combines lectures and workshops. The central philosophy is that students actively take responsibility over their own education. The lectures at the Summer Courses serve as an introduction to the theme of the day, after which the students split up into small groups to work on an assignment in the PBL sessions. During these sessions everyone is expected to bring their knowledge to the table, and to determine as a group what you still need to learn. The teachers are present to guide this workshop process rather than to lecture, allowing the students to learn from each other.

Summer Courses
The topic of the Summer Course alternates each year between Anxiety and Mood. The teaching format is a challenging combination of lectures and workshops. Every day has a different theme that lies within the field of Mood or Anxiety. A distinctive feature of the courses is their informal atmosphere; the students and professors mix easily, creating many opportunities to discuss your ideas with prominent scientists.
See the agenda for the dates of the upcoming summer courses and seminars.

The Seminars are a series of four in-depth sessions on different topics. The main goal is to increase your knowledge of these topics, and to further train your scientific skills. All sessions are held in a conference like setting, where the students give an oral presentation on their assignments and a plenary discussion of the contents after each presentation.
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