Guest Lecturers

Every year the Board of Directors invites renowned scientists to deliver the series of Special Lectures at the summer courses. These lectures go beyond the established truths to explore the latest developments in the scientific debate on affective disorders, and form an essential part of the programme. Over the years many esteemed scientists have contributed to our programme in this way.

Name Position Affiliation
Jim van Os Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology Maastricht (Netherlands)
Valerie Curran Professor of Psychopharmacology London (UK)
Ulrike Lüken Professor Dr. rer nat. habil Würzburg (Germany)
Kim Bard Professor of Comparative Developmental Psychology Portsmouth (UK)
Giovanni Cassano Professor of Psychiatry Pisa (Italy)
Hugo Critchley Professor of Psychiatry Sussex (UK)
Tim Dalgleish Senior MRC Researcher Cambridge (UK)
Bill Deakin Professor of Psychiatry Manchester (UK)
Ellen Frank Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology Pittsburgh (USA)
Beatrice de Gelder Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Tilburg (Netherlands)
Eric Hollander Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences New York (USA)
Donald Klein Professor of Psychiatry New York (USA)
Juan Lopez-Ibor Professor of Psychiatry Madrid (Spain)
Peter McGuffin Professor of Psychiatric Genetics London (UK)
Charles Nemeroff Professor of Psychiatry Atlanta (USA)
Jaak Panksepp Research Professor Emeritus of Psychology Bowling Green (USA)
Herman van Praag Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry Maastricht (Netherlands)
Ian Reid Professor of Psychiatry Dundee (UK)
Wim Riedel Professor of Experimental Psychopharmacology Maastricht (Netherlands)
Hans Rollema Research Fellow Groton (USA)
Martin Roth Professor of Psychological Medicine London (UK)
Daniel Souery Associate professor Brussels (Belgium)
Cor Spreeuwenberg Professor of Primary and Second-line medical care for chronically ill patients Maastricht (Netherlands)
Uli Wittchen Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Munich (Germany)
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